How to Tell If You Smell

How to Tell If You Smell

First and foremost, it is nearly impossible to smell yourself, even if you are smelling funky. Things that smell good begin to smell less good the longer we smell them, while things that smell bad tend to smell less bad over time.

This is called as “olfactory fatigue” or “olfactory habituation”. The receptors in our nose that would normally respond to our own particular brand of smells practically shut down after being bombarded with the same scents for so long. It’s called olfactory adaptation, and it’s the same reason you can’t smell your own breath, your body odor, or even your perfume after a few minutes.

Therefore number one rule: Do not assume everything is fine as you can not pick up your own body odor.

and here comes the second rule: do not panic and stop thinking you smell bad!

Then you may ask “So then how is anyone supposed to know if they`ve got body odor?”

Answer is simple: by observing people around you! Although there are some basic tests you may perform (such as breath testing, clothes testing etc.) for an ultimate result i suggest you become a good observer in your daily life to figure out if you smell.

Of course there is a much more easy way of learning if you smell: asking! You can ask your family members, close friends to give you an honest appraisal of your odor.

If asking is not an option, then become a good observer and watch out the followings as they may offer clues about your smell:

1- You Are Offered Mints and Lotion Often

This is one of the most obvious and effective sign that you smell. Your friends or people around you are trying to use their own use of a product to help you cover up the stench of your body. Wake up because these are your friends giving you a sign that you have body odor issues! You face with this situation often if you have close talks with either friends and/or with your colleagues.

2- Friends Keep Their Distance

Are your friends standing and talking with you, but slowly shuffling backwards and away from you? This is a definite use of body language to indicate that they do not want to be in close contact with you. The reasons for backing up are either because they do not like you or because you smell bad! It is a reaction to avoid something unpleasant and that may involve trying to distance themselves from you.

Watch out if people around you steps back while they talk with you and try to keep a distance between you. This is the second most obvious sign that you stink!

3- People Use Weird Excuses to Get Away

You are at work and call out to a friend across the room. They smile as you approach and then their smile fades. They make polite conversation, but seem to shift away from you more and more. Then suddenly they look over their shoulder and say, “What’s that John? Oh, I better go, I think John is calling me.”

You listened and heard nothing. If you are not aware that you have body odor issues, you may find that people seem to make weird excuses to leave your presence. Unfortunately, body odor can have bad impacts on your social life and people will avoid you to avoid the smell.

You could be the nicest person on the earth and people would still try to get away. If people are leaving you in strange ways, it may be time to give yourself a good smell-over! Your body odor issue may be the thing taking people away!

4- People Make Faces Near You

Although most people can control their faces to be polite, some may not especially ones you dont know well. Bad odors often cause people to turn their faces up in disgust (just watch anyone coming out of an outhouse!).

If you see people that come near you are squinting and making strange faces, it may be a clue that you stink!

5- People Spray Other Scents When You Are Around

As terrible as it may be, this is a clear sign that you might have body odor issues. If you notice that when you are with friends/people they often light candles or they spray air freshener in the room whenever you come over – then it’s time to face the facts: you probably stink.

If you come to learn that you stink, then you can take the right steps to smelling better and getting rid of that darn body odor! This is why no2odor exists!

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